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Aquarium Staff

The Steinhart Aquarium is responsible for the care of the living collection at the California Academy of Sciences. With almost 50 employees, the staff includes members from the Animal Health, Husbandry, Dive Operations and Engineering Departments. It takes many people with various backgrounds and experience to provide the care needed to maintain this diverse collection. The entire staff takes part in the monitoring of the living collection and makes data driven responses to insure our goal of science based animal management. Welcome to this behind the scenes look at the Steinhart Aquarium.

The Animal Health Department is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the health of the living collection. They do this through routine physical examinations, conducting diagnostics and performing appropriate treatments on sick or injured animals. The Animal Health staff works with the Husbandry staff to ensure the healthiest possible environments for the collection by reviewing areas like enrichment and nutrition. The Animal Health Department also monitors the water quality for the aquatic animals in the collection serving as the first line of defense for identifying water parameter concerns. All tanks and systems are tested weekly and involve numerous tests which vary depending on the type of system and the animals present.


Team Bios

Freeland Dunker »
Yvan Kawecki »
Laurie Kormos »
Alison Rusch »


The Husbandry Department is responsible for the daily care and support for the living collection. The Husbandry staff feed and enrich the animals under their care, clean displays, monitor animal health and make frequent daily rounds. Their expertise varies greatly because they care for such a diverse collection: tropical and temperate marine and freshwater fishes, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants and mammals. The Husbandry staff also assists in the development, design and installation of new exhibits and displays.


Team Bios

Nicole Chaney »
J. Charles Delbeek »
April Devitt »
Brian Freiermuth »
Eric Hupperts »
Allan Jan »
Nancy Levine »
Victoria McCloskey »
Brenda Melton »
Pamela Montbach »
Kristen Natoli »
Richard Ross »
Bart Shepherd »
Sarab Stewart »
Matt Wandell »
Brooke Weinstein »
Jarrod Willis »
Seth Wolters »
Nick Yim »


Engineering portrait

The Engineering department is responsible for maintaining the equipment and monitoring systems for the environments that support the living collection. Part of that equipment is the life support systems for the 7 major aquatic tanks which include the filters, pumps and heat exchangers. They serve a key role in monitoring the health of the living collection by making rounds 24 hours a day. Besides maintaining the life support systems for the aquarium they also provide a healthy work environment for the building occupants, by maintaining good air quality.


Team Bios

Arnel Bautista »
Joe Bosten »
Jorge Garcia »
Miles Kenny »
Jimmy Kirk »
Omar McCutcheon »
Chris Willers »


The Dive Operations team oversees all diving activities conducted under the auspices of the California Academy of Sciences and is responsible for insuring that diving operations are conducted safely and in compliance with Academy and industry standards. The Dive Operations staff members come from diverse diving backgrounds, providing a broad knowledge base for academy divers to draw upon. Due to their wide variety of diving experience, Dive Operations staff is able to provide expert training in emergency procedures and diving techniques. The Dive Operations team coordinates volunteer divers, aquarium husbandry divers, and research divers to ensure the safe conduct of dive operations in house and in the field.


Team Bios

Elliot Jessup »
Mark Lane »
William Love »


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