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Nick Yim

Nick is a Biologist for the Steinhart Aquarium.


Briefly describe your job and your area of expertise. I maintain mostly temperate marine exhibits that display the animals that inhabit the oceans off the California coast.

What got you interested in becoming a biologist?   I’ve always been fascinated by nature, especially marine life.  Growing up I always loved visiting public aquariums and as I got older I knew I wanted to do something involving Marine Biology.  After college I was able to get an internship at a public aquarium and have been doing this ever since.

What do you like most and least about your job?  I really like being able to work with the animals and work on the living exhibits.  I enjoy feeding the animals, watching the animals grow and the exhibits mature and develop in to living art displays. I like being able to work with larger and more unusual animals than you’d be able to at home.  I really like being presented with a challenge and having to solve the problem.

What college did you go to and what degree did you receive?  Middlebury College, BA in Biology.   

What influenced your job choice and when?  As soon as I heard about the new Academy and new facility being built, I knew I had to be a part of it.

Do you have pets at home? What and how many? I currently have no pets at home.

Advice for someone wanting to go into your field. Set up and maintain aquariums at home, volunteer at a public aquarium, get a degree related to your area of interest and apply for internships.

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Nick’s Suggested Reading:

“The Rockfish of the Northeast Pacific” by Love, Yoklavich, Thorsteinson, 2002 (University of California Press)

“Intertidal Invertebrates of Califorrnia” by Morris, Abbott, Haderlie, 1980 (Stanford University Press)

“Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes” by Daniel Gotshall, 2001 (Sea Challengers)

“Coastal Fish Identification: California to Alaska” by Humann, DeLoach, 2008 (New World Publications)

“A Fascination for Fish” by Dave Powell, 2001 (University of California Press)