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Earthquake Exhibit

Don’t miss Earthquake, a major new exhibit exploring the seismic science that has shaped Earth’s evolution and continues to impact our lives today.

Earthquake Exhibit

Earthquake Exhibit

Walk-through Earth

What happens on Earth's surface is directly related to what is happening inside the planet. Step into Earth's interior to see what drives plate tectonics. Examine geologic specimens related to the core, mantle and crust. Explore how earthquake waves tell us about the inner workings of Earth's solid core.

Earthquake Exhibit

San Francisco Shakes

The Shake House is back! Travel back in time to see, hear and feel two earthquakes—an updated version of one of the Academy's most popular past exhibits—lets you experience the sustained tremors of the city's two biggest quakes, the 6.9–magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake and the 7.9–magnitude Great San Francisco quake of 1906.

This immersive experience puts you inside the dining room of a classic Victorian-era home with a window view of San Francisco's famed "Painted Ladies" houses of Alamo Square. You'll travel back in time to feel the difference between these two quakes and learn useful tips on preparing for the Bay Area's next one.

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Connect the Continents

Connect the Continents Game

Recreate the ancient landmass Gondwana in a new interactive game. Up to five people can collaborate, using iPad 3s to direct puzzle pieces at their fingertips to rotate and move across an 85-inch plasma screen for all to see.

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    Make a Plan

    Build an Earthquake Kit

    Build a Kit

    A major earthquake can happen at anytime. Visit the exhibit's People Prepare section at the Academy to learn what to put in your earthquake emergency kit. At home, stock up for safety using this helpful checklist.

    Download this kit-building checklist

    Earthquake Exhibit

    Location Matters

    Do you know what to do if you're at work when an earthquake strikes? What if you're at home? What if you're in a car or on public transportation?

    Test your knowledge and learn great tips!

    Take the Earthquake Quiz

    Earthquake Preparedness Exhibit

    Get Kids Involved

    There are several easy steps you can take to be prepared for an earthquake. After visiting the exhibit, involve family members and children to create a preparedness plan. Glean important tips on how to stay safe during and after a quake with this Quake Ready guide.

    Download these kit-building content cards to share with your children.

    iTunes Earthquake Course

    Earthquake Course

    Are you shaking with curiosity to learn more about earthquakes? Now you can learn at your own pace! Download this new iTunes U course—a collaboration between KQED and the California Academy of Sciences developed to complement the Academy's exhibit, Earthquake: Life on a Dynamic Planet.

    Earthquake Course at iTune U

    Earthquake Course

    Earthquake Exhibit

    Earthquake Engineering

    Not all buildings are created equal. Learn how scientists are using seismic science to build stronger, safer buildings.

    Watch here

    Expert Advice and Helpful Resources

    Involve your children in earthquake preparation and planning. It helps them to learn what to expect and increases the comfort of your entire family. Below are several useful online resources. Use these web pages to start a conversation, answer any questions, and get prepared.


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    Thank you, Dr. Bolt


    Earthquake Exhibit

    Professor Bruce Bolt was an early pioneer of seismic safety and earthquake awareness. He invented the Academy's original shake tables.

    Read his bio

    Earthquake Course


    Earthquake Course at iTune U

    Earthquake Course at iTune U

    What are earthquakes? Find out in this iTunes U course—a collaboration between KQED and the California Academy of Sciences developed to complement the Academy’s exhibit, Earthquake: Life on a Dynamic Planet.

    Earthquake Course

    Earthquake Blog


    Earthquake Blog - Helena Camena-Young

    Behind the Scenes with Helena Carmena–Young

    Read more

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    Take home your experience with special Earthquake merchandise.

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