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Careers in Science 

August 11, 2008

Intern Introduction

Welcome to the Careers in Science Program (also known as the Intern Program) at the California Academy of Sciences!  The Intern Program is comprised of students that focus on learning science, teaching science, and conducting science, as well as college preparation and job and life skills training.  We teach the public on the museum’s main floor through demonstration and explainer stations and at afterschool programs and community centers.  Interns have the opportunity to work with Academy researchers by working in departments such as the Steinhart Aquarium and Orinthology and Mammology department.

The Intern Program started in 1996 and, as of 2008, has had 144 students pass through its doors.  We are committed to increasing the diversity in the scientific community and changing the common perception that science is only for the elite.  We encourage teens that are interested and/or typically under-represented in the sciences to participate in the Intern Program and to be part of the scientific community.  Students have gone on to pursue degrees in Biology, Genetics, Computer Programming, Engineering, Political Science and many others.

In this blog, various Interns will share their experiences in the Intern Program, ranging from field trips and research experiences to trainings and many other activities.  We hope our readers get a better idea of what the Interns do at The Academy!

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