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Careers in Science 

January 12, 2010

Teaching At Harvey Milk

Every Tuesday Ivy, John, Renn, and myself all head to Harvey Milk Elementary School to teach an after school program. There, we have already taught three classes called Shark Shakedown, Rockin’ Reptiles, and Incredible Insects to our kindergarten through second grade students. We do many fun activities with them such as the shark measurement activity, small groups about tortoises and turtles, and sing “An Insect Has 3 Body Parts” song.

Every time we step into the school we are always welcomed very warmly by the students who are extremely eager to learn and see what kinds of live specimens we have brought for them. There was this one day when John was absent and only Renn, Ivy, I were teaching the stations. The kids remembered John so well, they all decided to chant in unison as we walked in, “WE WANT JON!”

At the end of the class, their enthusiasm strikes us most when we’re about to take out our live specimens such as our Skink, Ham and our Ball Python, Ursula. They line up in a straight line and take turns petting the reptiles with two fingers. It is always satisfying to have youth take such an interest in science. Even after a long day of school, you can always find comfort in working with younger students.




By Nicolette

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