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Careers in Science 

May 6, 2010


p1010871Interviews are a normally a daunting and unpleasant process, but for me, interviews mark the start of my next step in the program. As a new level 2 intern, I have the opportunity to participate in the hiring process of the next year’s group of interns. Since the intern program started in 1996, interns have had the privilege of taking up major roles in the hiring process. Participating in the interviews takes stress away from the Managers because they have extra help.  During the application process, the level 2 and up interns interview these applicants for two rounds of interviews. The interns have an opportunity to place their own ideas on the table and influence the decision in selecting the person that is most suitable for this internship.


By Saira

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Working on the public floor


My favorite part about working at the Academy is getting to go on the public floor at the demonstration stations. We have several stations that teach the public about different topics like; limb homology, penguins, extreme mammals, and discovery tide pool. It’s great to interact with people and talk about those different things. Also, it’s wonderful when I tell kids about cool facts and their faces light up with astonishment. They then start to talk about what they’ve learned in school and places they’ve gone to. I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I teach someone new information that they didn’t know before, plus I learn something new every time I come to work and I enjoy that. It’s rewarding to get to meet different people who come and visit the Academy. The conversation and topics vary on the age group that come and see the station when we interact with people of all ages.


By Monica

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May 1, 2010

The Intern experience at the Extreme Mammals station


I had no idea lions once roamed California! The new Extreme Mammals demo station that showcases skulls from extreme mammals that once lived in California was created by some of our interns and is the most interesting station in recent years. It has replicas, interesting facts, and staggering theories that would make you want to take a second look at our endangered and threatened species.


We had this cart for 3 weeks and we are pleased with the reactions we get from the museum visitors. They are so intrigued by this fascinating topic which includes information about the height of these mammals, the time they lived, when they became extinct, and theories about why they did. We cannot get enough of how children watch in amazement as the skulls on our cart roll past them and they tug on their parents clothing for them to come look.

The interactive games created by interns at the station are geared to make a fun learning environment for children and adults alike. This reassures that when we collaborate together, we are capable of pulling all ages into the world of science. The Extreme Mammals cart; the craze sweeping the public floor and the new addition to a long line of intern demonstration stations.


By Lesley

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