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Careers in Science 

August 8, 2011

Oh, The Places We’ll Go


Being an intern for the past three years has been an exciting journey! As I continue my journey to college in the fall, as well as five other interns, I am excited for the future and hope to continue my connection with the intern program during my college years. The transition from a part time Leadership Council intern to an associate intern is going to be strange. Associate interns are interns that are pursuing higher education in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field yet remain involved in the program during the summer months, whereas the normal interns work year round. Once the new associates go off to college they are always welcomed with open arms to come back to the Academy and work during winter break and the summer break. The associates appreciate the fact that they still have a job when they come home from college and they are able to catch up with the intern family. When school starts it will be very strange to not have to go to work on the public floor of the museum, but its bittersweet because I will be coming back whenever I get the chance!

By Ivayana

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Mentor Luncheon and CiS Scholarship Award


In June 2011, interns hosted a celebration luncheon for science mentors and graduating interns. At this luncheon, we had delicious food, provided by the academy café, to celebrate the mentors the interns had worked with. These include Academy curators, biologists, and researchers; they received gifts as a token of our appreciation. Most interns spent about a year with their mentors, so this luncheon was a bittersweet moment because it marked the end of our externship. However, at the end of the luncheon, Eric, the manager of the program, presented each of the graduating interns with a certificate and a book that represented their personality. The winners of the CiS Scholarship were also announced at the luncheon! Three of the six graduating interns received scholarships ranging between $1, 000 to $2, 500 to help them pay for college.

By Noelani

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