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Careers in Science 

December 21, 2009

Personal Statements: Telling the Story Only You Can Tell

One of the key steps to going to college is to write a personal statement. On October 15th,the interns had a special training about the story only you can tell, aka personal statements led by Careers in Science Manager, Eric Godoy. He gave us tips, tricks, and things to avoid when writing personal statements. The training was very helpful for the interns applying to college in the near future.

Lily helping Noelani start her personal statement.

Personal statements are college essays where you are able to demonstrate who you are to prospective colleges. In a regular application, the reader does not get an in depth look at who the applicant is, but a personal statement helps provide context for an applicants scholastic record and it allows the applicant to go in-depth on a specific topic. We learned a few tips to help us write the personal statements. Tips for personal statements are to relax, be honest, be personal, be consistent, and don’t guess what the admissions offices will be looking for. We learned a few things to avoid, but one of the things that I did not know to avoid were the immigration stories because they do not give insight into exactly who you are, just where you came from.

Next, we got to see some of the prompts that have been used in previous years at UC’s and on the Common Application. Seeing the different prompts gave us insight into what the colleges may be asking. One of the UC prompts was to “describe the world you come from-for example, your family, community, or school—and tell how your world has shaped your dreams or aspirations.” Intern Nicollette found the training very useful, “The training helped me learn exactly what goes into a personal statement. It really helped me remember that a personal statement is the story only you can tell. Now I have a good idea of what I will write about for my own!”


By Ivayana

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