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Careers in Science 

August 9, 2010

New intern orientation week

The week of New Intern Orientation, or the first week of the summer semester, is not only exciting for the new interns, but for the “seasoned” interns as well. The whole week was filled with engaging trainings for all of us ranging from field work to even the Academy’s history.


The next training day was all about science in general and conducting science. It started with a training led by Eric, Careers in Science Manager, who taught us all about science- what it is and how it is executed -to introduce everybody to the concept of “conducting science” and the multiple processes within. Our definition of science is “the process through which knowledge of the natural world is built, and and also the knowledge itself. Science relies on the testing of ideas with empirical evidence gathered form the natural world.”

A vital part of “conducting science” is taking field notes so Jack Dumbacher,┬áChairman and Assistant Curator of the Department of Ornithology and Mammalogy, generously come in to talk to us about taking field notes and the importance of it. We ended the day about field work and conducting science by actually going out to do some field work, we monitor Pacific Mole crabs (sp. Emerita analoga) down in Ocean Beach.

The third training day was all about Invertebrate Zoology. Maya Walton, assistant manager of the program revealed the newly completed outreach station called Human Impacts on Corals. Interns Jasmine, Dina, and Noelani taught the station to us the same way they would teach the middle school students, so we can get a feel of how the station works.

All in all we were super excited to start working with these twelve new interns and are ecstatic to start the year with such great training topics.

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