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Careers in Science 

August 9, 2010

Intern Fish Tank


The intern program recently lost a member of our family: Newtie, our Fire Bellied Newt.  Due to the new workplace protocol, terrestrial animals were no longer allowed in open quarters; this meant our beloved amphibian of over 8 years was being evicted.  Fortunately Newtie was only moved downstairs to the Early Explorers Cove Animal Room and is still available for us to bring out on the public floor.  But all interns who knew him still felt their hearts drop a little at the sight of the empty desk space where Newtie once resided.  However, instead of seeing this as a moment of grief, I saw it as a great opportunity to set up an aquarium for the intern program.  Using resources I already had at home from keeping personal aquariums, the intern fish tank was almost free of charge.  Our 10 gallon aquarium houses 8 Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona) who like to shoal under the driftwood rifts and dart between freshwater plants generously donated to us by Steinhart biologist Brooke Weinstein.  Though only in its early stages, our fish tank seems to be doing well and the future for our aquatic pals is looking great!

by Mark

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