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Careers in Science 

August 9, 2010

One month as a level one

When I first received a letter in the mail saying that I had been accepted into the Intern Program at the Academy of Sciences about a month ago, I was very excited to start but didn’t really know what to expect. I knew there were times you worked on the public floor, there were trips, and trainings but that was about all. Now that I’ve been an intern for a little bit, I have a better perspective on things.


One of my favorite parts of being an intern is working on the Public floor, the reason I enjoy that so much is because you never know what to expect, you get all kinds of questions, all kinds of reactions, and each station that you work at is completely different. For example, at the Discovery Tide Pool sometimes you have to encourage people to try something new that they wouldn’t normally, but at the “Extreme Mammals” station, it is more about teaching people things they might not have known.

Being an intern, you learn a lot about a variety of topics. You learn about ways people learn (i.e visually, kinetically)  because we have to adapt our teaching styles to fit the audience, you learn about different kinds of sciences at weekly trainings so that we can dabble in different fields of science and find what interests us. We also learn about working in a professional work environment and collaborating in a group while we learn, teach, and conduct science here at the Academy.

So far my experience as a new intern has been very enriching and it has only been a month, I can’t wait to see what else is to come in the future.

By Stacy

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