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Careers in Science 

August 9, 2010

Botany with Tom Daniel!


Last Monday, the interns received a presentation about the Acanthacea family better known as “Shrimp” plants. We learned that the characteristics of the Acanthacea family are:
• Leaves are opposite, estipulate
• Cystoliths
• Capusles with Retinacula
Tom Daniel also told us about the systematics of these plants and how he personally studies them. He creates whats called “Monographs”. Monographs are really detailed and consist of illustrations, descriptions, and identification keys. After Tom Daniel presentation we were able to do plant dissections. We reviewed the main parts of a flower (stamen, pistil, perianth, etc) and learned the functions of each. We sketched our plants and counted the number of stigma on each one and the number of petals. Later during the actual dissection we measured the length of pistil and the filament. The interns were excited for the dissection and a couple even took some flowers home. We are excited for our next Botany lesson!

By Maria

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