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Careers in Science 

January 13, 2012

CiS 2012 Seniors!


It’s that time of year again! The fall semester not only brings colder weather, the holidays, and great food, but also the great honor of applying to colleges and universities. The CiS program requires its interns to be enrolled in college to continue working in the program. At the beginning of fall, we have trainings covering topics such as how to choose a college, writing personal statements, how to apply for scholarships, etc. to aid seniors with their application and enrollment process. This year’s graduating seniors of 2012 include: Angelica Cabral, Vanessa Cabrera, Lorren Dangerfield, Francisco Juarez, Justin Nicholas, Maria Orellana, Monica Rath, Maria Romero, Michael Vicencio, and Leon Wang.

Applications for CSU’s and UC’s opened on the first of October. Many of the seniors such as Leon and Justin applied to these schools in particular. Leon, a senior at Lowell High School, applied solely to UC’s. When asked why, he explained that “[he] already attends a large public high school and likes the feel of it, so [he] decided to apply to large public universities in the area to stay local.” Justin, a senior at City Arts and Tech High School, applied to four CSU’s including San Francisco State University and San Jose State University.  Justin explained his plan, “SF State is my back up for San Jose State. I want to stay local for now, but want to transfer to an international school after getting my general credits out of the way.”

One of the program’s goals is to help interns enroll into a four-year college. Each year, the seniors graduate from high school and enroll into a variety of colleges across the country with big education and career goals. We plan for this year to be no different, and wish the best of luck to the seniors of 2012!

By Jasmine

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