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Careers in Science 

July 18, 2009

College Countdown

One of the benefits of being a CiS intern is having the opportunity to go and explore possible college choices. This year during spring break, interns visited college campuses throughout Northern California such as UC Berkley, UC Santa Cruz, Stanford, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, Mills College, UC Davis, Dominican University, CSU Eastbay, and Saint Mary’s College.
Learning about UC Berkeley's buildings

Learning about UC Berkeley's buildings

During the tours, interns were led by student guides around the campus, dorms, and lecture halls. At USF, interns also visited the library—complete with computers, couches, and tables—as well as a glimpse of class rooms, study halls, and the fitness center which included a gym and fairly large swimming pool. At the end of the tour, interns were able to experience first hand what it is like to eat in a dining hall.

Touring at Dominican University

Touring at Dominican University

Interns also learned about a wide range of majors available in college as well as information on office hours offered by professors. The information interns received from the college tours helped give interns an idea about what kind of college they want to attend while taking in consideration the college campus, student diversity, extracurricular activities, and majors offered.

The college tours enabled interns to get a glimpse of life in higher education. We got to tour campuses, eat in dining halls, and see dorms, class rooms and lecture halls. As we visited each school, we asked many questions about academic offerings and student life on campus. The experience gave us insight into how fun yet challenging and rewarding college can be.

Receiving a tour of UC Davis from a former intern

Receiving a tour of UC Davis from a former intern

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