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Climate Change 

February 28, 2013

Columbia Journalism Review affirms coverage of “secretive climate-denial funding network”

(copyright The Simpsons?)

A new report from the CJR seconds an earlier report from The Guardian in the United Kingdom, that substantial millions of dollars are being donated anonymously, and often secretly, to support dissemination of the denialist point of view regarding climate change and global warming. One could also argue that large sums are donated to groups dedicated to getting the word out that the scientific evidence is overwhelming and that action must be taken. As noted in the reports, however, those groups tend to be more transparent. Regardless, advocacy for or against a problem is meaningless if there is firm evidence against your stance. Given the lack of any scientific support for a denialist position, one must therefore wonder about the motives.

A very nice report on the reports can be found in this article from Physics Today.

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February 13, 2013

Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn

Arctic iceThe dramatic recent decline in Arctic sea-ice cover is illustrated in new data from Europe’s Cryosat mission. The data currently consists of only a few years right now, so it’s not possible to say if this is a trend or not. Importantly, however, it does reveal that winter ice growth is not compensating for the increasingly dramatic loss of summer ice that is now, unfortunately, a well established trend. Also, the big differences already detected by this mission points to a high variability of seasonal ice growth and loss, a variability that could be indicative of a system in transition. Read more here.

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