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Climate Change 

February 6, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser…

Climate scepticism ‘on the rise’, BBC poll shows. Well, here’s another variable highly correlated with increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and average global temperature. Curious indeed.

Filed under: Climate Change — Peter @ 6:52 pm


  1. You might try a bit of honesty in your Climate Change display and politely inform your museum patrons that present science shows that climate change will continue unabated at increasing speed no matter what we humans do now. I would also like a display of how the individual might prepare for the coming disaster, such as moving the family now to Northwest Washington State and getting out of California. Just love all those cool toys in the gift shop made in China. Is that a test or do you really not care?

    Comment by James Ousey — February 9, 2010 @ 6:22 am

  2. James,
    Please do not accuse me, or anyone else at my institution of dishonesty. That is impolite, not to mention inaccurate. Your statement that climate change will continue unabated is correct, with qualification. The qualification is that the rate of change is far from certain. It depends on quantities that we do not yet know or understand scientifically, plus the action that we humans take over the next few decades. If you think that you have insight on why this is incorrect, then you should probably inform scientists at the IPCC; it will be news to them. The second part of your statement, “no matter what we humans do now”, is simply and grossly incorrect. It matters very much what we do now. Our exhibit, Altered State, focuses on the potential impacts of climate change, on California specifically, but globally in a more general sense. There are many suggestions in there on what people can do to minimize their contribution to the problem. As for moving the family to northwest Washington; uhm, why? Will property prices be falling there soon? Again, if you have some personal insight there, best to share it with the financial worriers in D.C. Finally, I’m glad that you love the Chinese toys in our store. Personally, I’ve never paid much attention since I am a research scientist, not a retail manager. Is your comment meant to imply that no Chinese products are worthy or safe for American consumption (including the parts likely present in the computer which you used to submit your comment)? Not to be too harsh, but that’s a bit xenophobic.

    Comment by Peter — February 22, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

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