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The 2011 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition 

May 24, 2011


Cyrtarachnine spider, Mt. Banahaw de Lucban  The cyrtarachnines are orb builders (Araneidae) with webs higher modified by evolution for catching moths.  The web is reduced, sometimes to a single line, but incorporates large droplets of ultra-sticky glue.  Moths easily escape from most spiders webs: their scales come off the moth and stick to the glue, allowing the moth to escape: a little balder, but safe.  The ultra-sticky glue of cyrtarachinines defeats the moth’s defense by removing most of the scales and holding the moth fast.  This unidentified species from low forest makes a simple web with few vertical lines.  Many cyrtaracinines produce an airborn chemical that mimics the sex pheromone (like perfume) of common moths: maybe this one does too.  The web was photographed at night, after being dusted with corn starch.

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