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Rainforests of the World 

January 24, 2010

Meet our Psittacines!!

If you’ve been through the rainforest you’ve most likely seen our two macaws climbing, chewing, and socializing in their tree on the main level. These birds are in the parrot family, and are referred to as Psittacines. They are known for their extraordinary coloration along with their social and verbal skills.

The macaws are given enrichment several times per day to keep things interesting for them. Here they are checking out their fruit kabob.


Photo by: Rachael Tom

Our blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna) and our scarlet macaw (Ara macao) are young males that have pair bonded to each other. You will see them exhibiting behaviors that are very typical among parrot species – preening themselves and each other, imitating behavior and sound, and yes – squabbling! Here is the scarlet macaw wondering why we are pointing a camera at him:


Photo by: Rachael Tom

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  1. I just love watching these guys!

    Comment by Ana Luisa Aldana — January 27, 2010 @ 2:38 pm

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