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Sustainable Futures 

June 15, 2010

An official launch of our Sustainability Made Simple cards


This is the official launch of my Sustainable Futures blog on the California Academy of Sciences website. I’ve been the manager of sustainability programs at the Academy since January, 2008, and in that time I’ve had the good fortune to contribute to the Academy’s internal culture, exhibits, programs, partnerships, special events, operational practices and outreach efforts. It’s an incredibly rewarding job, one that keeps me on my toes and constantly challenges my knowledge of all things ‘sustainable.’

The world of sustainability encompasses a rich web of environmental, social & economic factors, operational efficiencies, cultural values, and psychological and institutional dynamics. There are a million-and-one definitions for sustainability, depending on who you are talking to, each definition invariably giving weight to specific issues which the definer has expertise or interest in. It’s an exciting, somewhat nebulous realm, constantly in flux.

This blog will be similar in that I plan on covering quite a bit of ground. I will of course be covering Academy sustainability efforts, exhibits, programs and upcoming events of interest, but I will also spend a fair amount of time discussing the cultural and institutional barriers we collectively face as we strive to create a better future for ourselves, and I will be publishing regular lists of web-links to blogs, articles, studies and stories which I find compelling. It’s going to be a potpourri of sustainability information, hopefully one that you will find interesting.

For the first post, it seems fitting to use this space to announce the official release of our second batch of Sustainability Made Simple cards, entitled “GREEN GUIDE – Everyday choices you can make to protect the planet’s future”

These cards were released in early 2009 to provide the general public with hints and tips, from a trusted source (the Academy), on living more sustainably. Initially, they were intended to be distributed in our green building and climate change exhibits only, but we quickly began receiving requests for large quantities from other institutions, private companies, government offices, schools and universities. To date, we’ve distributed 100,00 of them so far, thus the need for the reprint.

I would like to add that although the card’s title references protecting the planet, it is in actuality referring to protecting humanity as well, because there is no separation between healthy natural ecosystems and healthy human populations. The two are permanently tied together. This is one of the most important messages we try to communicate here at the Academy, and we named the card specifically to reinforce this point.

So on the right, upper sidebar you will find a download link to our GREEN GUIDE, chock full of changes you can make, from simple to complex, that will have a real impact on your environmental footprint. You can feel free to download this pdf and print it out to stick to your refrigerator, or if you work more in the digital domain you can just keep it in your smart phone or computer as a reference. Hopefully you will find it useful.

If you want a large number of physical copies of this card to hand out, please don’t hesitate to contact me at apope@calacademy.org.

See you next time.

Aaron Pope

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Green Guide

Green Guide 2010 Download the Academy’s Green Guide for everyday choices you can make to protect the planet’s future.
[PDF, 69KB]

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