We welcome all educators, whether you teach in a formal classroom, in an informal setting, or in the home. Looking for teaching resources? Hope to bring your class on a field trip? You've come to the right place.

The Academy is dedicated to increasing young people’s understanding of, enthusiasm for, and ability to do science. And we know the important role that educators play in this vision. Join our community to help transform science teaching and science learning.

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Each year, over 150,000 visitors attend an Academy field trip with their school or youth group.

That's more than 4,000 teachers and hundreds of local organizations. Be sure to join in!

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Did you know that Pre-K through 12th-grade classroom teachers in California are eligible for discounted memberships to the Academy?

For Informal Educators

Browse our professional learning programs for those interested in exploring the theory and practice of education within free-choice settings.

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    Dates through May 2016 are now available. We welcome school groups from near and far!

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