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Reflecting on Practice Coaching Workshop

Team of Informal Educators

"I was able to acheive a greater understanding of what is possible and to design activities to truly make an impact!"

On April 17-19, 2017, come learn to facilitate a professional learning program for your informal educators!

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Vocabulary Strategies

girl flipping through notebook

Notebooks can help build one's understanding of scientific terms. But should you frontload vocabulary, or not?

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Professional Development

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Dive into science content, engage in effective teaching pedagogy, and develop a sense of how science really works. If you can't attend a workshop at the Academy, take advantage of our free online courses and teaching strategies for the science classroom.

Science Video Vault

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Browse our collection of educational videos to help your students visualize data and understand scientific and environmental concepts. These materials will support your teaching of the new Next Generation Science Standards.

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Students Got the Scoop About Insects

Asking questions to Academy Scientists

Students had the opportunity to ask Michelle about their curiosities.

Over 750 students around the country learned about insects with Academy Scientist, Michelle Trautwein.

Teacher Membership

California Academy of Sciences Naturalist Center

Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers in California are eligible for special memberships to the Academy!


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