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Inquiry (grades preK - 2)


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July 18 at 9:00 am

July 18 - 20: Engage as a learner in your own inquiry and explore strategies for inquiry at the preK -2 level

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Kit Inventory

Kit inventory

Use "windowpanes" to take stock of materials at the beginning of an investigative unit.

Macroinvertebrate Manor


© Yun Huan Yong

Learn about what macroinvertebrates live in your school yard!

Videos of the Month

Dung Beetles


How do dung beetles find their way? They do a little dance.

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Professional Development

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Dive into science content, engage in effective teaching pedagogy, and develop a sense of how science really works. If you can't attend a workshop at the Academy, take advantage of our free online courses and teaching strategies for the science classroom.

Science Video Vault

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Browse our collection of educational videos to help your students visualize data and understand scientific and environmental concepts.

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Teacher Membership

California Academy of Sciences Naturalist Center

Pre-K through 12th-grade teachers in California are eligible for special memberships to the Academy!

Fancy Fish

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