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SuperNatural Halloween 2013

Grab your costume and have yourself a ghostly good time as you trick-or-treat your way through the Academy at night, among spooktacular animals and spine-tingling specimens.

Event Information

Saturday, October 26th
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come enjoy!

  • Trick-or-treating
  • Musical Performances
  • Dancing
  • Stiltwalkers
  • Face Painting
  • Magic Shows
  • Live Animal Shows
  • Giant Pumpkin Carving
  • Planetarium Shows
  • Crafts
  • Scientists and Specimens
  • Photo booths
  • Food and Drink

Proceeds support Academy programs including field trips for 150,000 students annually.

Thank you for your interest in SuperNatural Halloween. Tickets to this event are currently sold out. For more information or with questions please email and we will return your email promptly.

Benefactor and Patron Levels 5pm Entry

$1,000 Grand Benefactor Family Package includes:

  • Access to Exclusive VIP Lounge
  • Early admission at 5pm for 4 adults and 4 children
  • Gourmet dinner stations catered by McCalls (available all evening) and open bars
  • A suite of extra activities and festive performances
  • Recognition on invitation (if purchased by 8/21)
  • Family invitation to an Academy picnic in June

$500 Benefactor Family Package includes:

  • Early admission at 5pm for 2 adults and 4 children
  • Gourmet dinner stations catered by McCalls until 6:30pm and open bars
  • Recognition on invitation (if purchased by 8/21)

$350 Patron Family Package includes:

  • Early admission at 5pm for 2 adults and 2 children
  • Gourmet dinner stations catered by McCalls until 6:30pm and open bars
  • Recognition on invitation (if purchased by 8/21)

Individual Benefactor Tickets

Includes early admission at 5pm and gourmet dinner stations catered by McCalls until 6:30pm with open bars

  • $100 Adult Benefactor Ticket
  • $85 Child Benefactor Ticket

General Admission Tickets 6:30pm Entry

$50 for adults ($45 for Academy Adult Member)
$35 for children ($30 for Academy Child Member)

All Adult Ticket Purchasers must be accompanied by a child.
Children age 1 and younger are free
Child ticket for ages 17 and under

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For additional information, please call (415) 379-5411 or email .


Jane Gruber
Summer Tompkins Walker

Host Committee

  • Jennifer and Gregg Abernathy
  • Barbara and Timothy Arnstein
  • Teresa and Joel Backman
  • The Bailey and Melvin Families
  • Leith Brooks Barry and
    Stewart Barry
  • Lily and Thomas Beischer
  • The Honorable Dianne Feinstein and
    Richard C. Blum
  • Tina and Joe Bou-Saba
  • William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
  • Sabrina Buell and Yves Behar
  • Carolyn and Preston Butcher
  • Linda and Marc Carrasco
  • Paola and Charles Casey
  • The Castelein Family
  • Kate Harbin Clammer and
    Adam Clammer
  • Martha Ehmann Conte
  • Leslie and Troy Daniels
  • Juliet de Baubigny
  • Jessica and Michael Eisler
  • Randi and Bob Fisher
  • Jennifer, Karina, Luca, Thea, and
    Tessa Fonstad
  • Josephine and Brian Freckmann
  • Deb and Todd Frederick
  • Kathryn and Bill Freeman
  • Elizabeth Pang Fullerton and
    Richard Fullerton
  • Vanessa and Bill Getty
  • Nora L. Gibson and William L. Hudson
  • Kirsten and Michael Green
  • Elizabeth Grossman
  • Linda and Jon Gruber
  • Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky
  • Elizabeth Hamren
  • Michelle and Justin Hughes
  • Elizabeth and Don James
  • Kathleen and Ted Janus
  • Beth and Oliver Jenkyn
  • Helene and Paul Kocher
  • Irina and Sasha Kovriga
  • Kelsey and David Lamond
  • Ms. Ranee Lan
  • Kathryn and Bo Lasater
  • Sandy Littlefield and Family
  • Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue
  • Betsy and Ed McDermott
  • Steven L. Merrill
  • Jessica and Jason Moment
  • Anna and Mason Morfit
  • Libby and Damian Ornani
  • Jennifer and Dan Niles
  • Katie Schwab Paige and Matthew Paige
  • Christina and Adam Pederson
  • Gina and Dave Pell
  • Leslie and Nick Podell
  • Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie
  • Victoria and Phillip Raiser
  • Julie and Joseph Ratner
  • Jacqueline and David Sacks
  • Laureen and Bob Schiller
  • Smita Singh
  • Danna and Alex Slusky
  • Alexis and Trevor Traina
  • Virginia and Greg Tusher
  • Nancy and Sidney Unobskey
  • Ashley and Edward Waltemath
  • Lia and James Whitehead
  • Diane Wilsey
  • Julia Wong and Roger Kuo
  • Annie Robinson Woods and
    Montgomery Woods

Benefactors and Patrons

  • Jordan Adair
  • Joy and Jonathan Alferness
  • Kelly Anderson
  • Judy and Robert Aptekar
  • Melissa and Patrick Barber
  • Tara Benoit
  • Virginia and David Blackman
  • Jennifer Fetner-Booth and Adrian Booth
  • Michael Booth and Michael Oliva
  • Julie Borra
  • Corinne Bortolin and Phil Armstrong
  • Carrie and Michael Bostock
  • Sarah Bowles
  • Victoire Reynal Brown and Owsley Brown
  • Ms. Laura Brugger and
    Mr. Ross Sappenfield
  • Sonia Brunner
  • Christine and Simon Buesnel
  • Adrienne Carroll
  • Susan and Todd Carter
  • Inna and Jeff Chaidez
  • Elaine Chan
  • Joanne Chan, China and James Kramer
  • Caroline Cherbourne and
    Charles Bouch
  • Taissa Cherry
  • Linda Chong
  • Jennifer Chrisman
  • Elaine Chu
  • Jenny Chu
  • Stephanie and Stanley Ciletti
  • Carolyn Colpitts
  • Ann Concannon
  • Jennifer and Matthew Cook
  • David Creemer
  • Sean Cummings
  • Roberta Cunningham
  • Renu Darger
  • Courtney and Owen DeHoff
  • Lisa Dickinson
  • Natasha Dolby
  • Abigail Doolittle
  • Bob Ebert
  • Laura and Peter Fenton
  • Mary Fiechter
  • Dr. Robert and April Filer
  • Maurice Fitzgerald
  • Scott, Lisa and Meghan Forrest
  • Joann Franklin-Knox
  • Vivian Fu
  • Shulamit Glaubach
  • Cherie and Don Green
  • Louise Gregory and Joe Scanga
  • Nina Gunther
  • Nicolas Heyman
  • Heather Hickman Holland
  • Michelle Hirons
  • Jennifer and Sam Hocking
  • Margaret Howe
  • Alison Huang
  • Jenna and Bryan Hunt
  • Mara and Christopher Hunt
  • My Huynh
  • Michelle Indelicato
  • Heather and Sanjay Jain
  • Mora and Bruce James
  • Ayanna Jenkins-Toney and
    Cornell Toney
  • Lucy Jewett
  • Dawn Jones
  • Angie and Joe Kastner
  • The Kearns Family
  • Nancy Kedzierski and Gordon Chaffee
  • David M. Kennedy
  • Jennifer and Blake Kim
  • Letitia and Michael Kim
  • Robin Kling
  • Susan Koo
  • Holden Lee
  • Jau Lee
  • Jim Chon Lee
  • Sunny Lee
  • Alisa Lewis
  • Ming F. Lo
  • Scott Loose
  • Alberto Lopez
  • David Lyon
  • Shelley Marks and Erik Gaensler
  • Jenny Marlin
  • Amanda and Craig Marmer
  • Elena Matsis
  • Kazumi Matsuyama and
    Douglas Steedman
  • The McKnight Family
  • Eloiza and Peter Meier
  • Rita Melendez
  • Nancy Montgomery and Preston Raisin
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Kelley and Josh Myerberg
  • Eric Nakagawa
  • Alexandra Neiman
  • Kristin Nelson and Judy Agrawal
  • Marina Nelson
  • Christine Neukom
  • Katherine Nguyen
  • Marjorie O'Halloran
  • Veronica O'Neill
  • Stephanie and Michael Ogborne
  • John Overton
  • Priya Parmar
  • Elieka Patchen
  • Laura and Mike Patnode
  • Rebecca Petersen
  • Gina and Stuart Peterson
  • Tanya and Richard Peterson
  • Deidre and Matthew Pharr
  • Mary and Gary Pinkus
  • Lisa Podos Wais and Michael Wais
  • Carolyn Powell
  • Donna Pribble
  • Laura Ragsdale
  • Constance Ramos
  • Sarah Ray
  • Gail and Brandon Reimer
  • Stasia Reisfield
  • Jennifer and Christopher Riedy
  • Larissa Roesch and Jason Crethar
  • JoAnn and Lawson Rollins
  • Nichole Rowles
  • Doniece Sandoval and Sadik Huseny
  • Christine Schrader
  • Stacey and Andy Scott
  • Demi and Frederick Seguritan
  • Beatrix and Mike Seidenberg
  • Kathy and Bart Shepherd
  • Heather Shermer and Patrick Lord
  • Linda Sikaffy
  • Blake Simmons
  • Lucia Sinatra
  • Ned Sizer
  • Melissa Smith and Jeffrey Van Harte
  • Elisa Song and Peter Johnson
  • Paul Spiegel
  • Leslie and James Stafford
  • Hilary Steinberg
  • The Stephen Davis Family
  • Terri and Milton Stewart
  • Susan Stone
  • David Strong
  • Marie Svensson
  • Kevin Tanaka
  • Lorraine Thompson
  • Clarissa Thow and Russell Heirakuji
  • Yoonsung and Jason Ting
  • Rose Titcomb
  • Andrew Trader
  • Katie and Todd Traina
  • Sarah Woodberry Trauner and
    Ken Trauner
  • Christine Trepanier and Yves Bourgeois
  • Kathleen and Vance Vanier
  • Annemieke VanZante and
    Thomas Wallin
  • Jennifer and James Varley
  • Myrna Vega
  • Kristine Velasco
  • The Wadhwani Family
  • Catherine and Wister Walcott
  • Jennifer Webster
  • David Weiss
  • Jennifer and Eric Wildenradt
  • Pat Wilson
  • Tina and Gary Wolk
  • Cynthia Wood
  • Kayoko Yokota
  • Rebecca Yu and James Cleveland
  • Karla and Ivan Zeitz
  • Mary and Harold Zlot

As of October 26, 2013

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55 Music Concourse Dr.
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(415) 379-8000

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Costume and Mask Policy


Event attendees are encouraged to dress in Halloween costumes. For the safety and enjoyment of our guests, please keep these guidelines in mind: Costumes should be child-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive or violent in nature. For the safety of all visitors, we ask that guests refrain from wearing masks or other items which obscure the face. Costumes should not contain sharp or pointed objects, or materials that may accidentally strike guests or exhibits. Costumes should not contain any elements which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon. The California Academy of Sciences reserves the right to turn away any guest with a costume that we deem offensive or unsafe.

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