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Darwin’s Birthday 2010
African penguins kissing

This February, the Academy is the place to celebrate love and life! With Valentine's past, Darwin’s birthday will frame our many special programs throughout the remainder of the month. Join us as we share the awe-inspiring ways that life has adapted and evolved on our planet.

Naturalist Center

Naturalist Center

Duck Dating Game

Male and female ducks often look quite different from each other. Males sport showy plumage to impress the ladies, while females are drab to blend into their surroundings.

In the month of February, visitors can pick up a sheet with photos of ducks and take the challenge of matching the females with the drake of their dreams. They can also see actual specimens of some of the ducks included in the game.


“Books and DVDs We Love”

For February there will be a special display of our staff members’ favorite books and DVDs.


Be a Naturalist like Darwin

Come make your own naturalist notebook and sketch special specimens like Darwin. Feb. 14 - 28.

Special Activities

Girl and snake





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