The programs below offer you a chance to experience first hand the wide diversity of art, music, and traditions from Africa, as well as learn about its diverse ecological landscape.


12/5 1:30 PM Capoeira: An Afro-Brazilian martial art (Auditorium)
Witness the beauty and power of Capoeira and find out about its origins in the tropical forest of Brazil. This special program is presented in conjunction with Young Audiences of the Bay Area.


11:30 AM Frogs of the African Forest (Tusher African Hall)
See a preserved 8-pound goliath frog and a live foam-nesting treefrog as we learn about African amphibians and how Academy herpetologists study them. (Repeated 12/16)
 12/8 1:00 PM African Painting (Cowell Hall)
Watch Nigerian artist Geoffrey I. Nwogu as he paints about life in African villages using traditional styles.
 12/12 11:30 AM
& 1:30 PM
African Felines (Auditorium)
Discover the world of African cats and meet a leopard, caracal and serval. We’ll learn about their amazing adaptations and why it is so important to preserve them.
 12/14 1:30 PM Congolese Rhythms and Sounds (Cowell Hall)
Experience Congolese music and dance through an interactive demonstration by Sandor Diabonkouezi from Ballet National du Congo.
12/16 11:30 AM Frogs of the African Forest (Tusher African Hall)
[See program details on 12/7]
 12/19 1:00 PM African Masks (Tusher African Hall)
Nigerian artist Geoffrey I Nwogu will demonstrate the art of African mask making, while conveying the myths and traditional history embedded in this craft.
 12/28  12:30 PM
& 2:30 PM
Meet an African Penguin (Goethe Room)
See a live endangered black-footed penguin and find out what it takes to survive in the waters of South Africa.

New! Planetarium Show

African Nights
What skylore, wisdom, and practical knowledge come to us from the "Mother Continent"? See the heavens through the eyes of the Zulu, Xhosa, San, and other peoples of southern Africa, and discover the secrets that can be learned on clear, dark African Nights. Originally written and produced by the staff of the Planetarium of the South African Museum, Cape Town.

This special sky-show will be offered on Saturdays & Sundays only at 3:00 p.m., from October 1, 1999 through January 9, 2000.

For more information, call 415-750-7141.
Planetarium web site.


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