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Origins and Identity

SUMMARY:  Students will explore their multi-cultural legacy by conducting research into the backgrounds of their families and presenting the results to their classmates. Students will be given the opportunity to bring in objects of special significance to their own families and to explain the object's importance to classmates. 

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GOAL:  Students will achieve a better understanding of the multi-cultural makeup of today's society. 
  • Students learn to research and draw family trees. 
  • Students learn how to interview adults. 
  • Activity: Family Tree Research Project
    All grades

    Paper and pencil.


    • Students are to interview their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and create a family tree.
    • Have the students accumulate information from as far back in time as possible.
    • Students should ask parents and relatives about their origins.
    • Students should ask if any family member has any heirlooms, and if possible, bring them into class along with any old family photos for a show-and-tell session.
    • Students can also present their family trees and compare and discuss family names, sizes of families, birth and death dates, etc.. A class display of each family can be made around the room near each student's desk.


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    Material on this page was contibuted by the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art with the generous support of Disneyland.

    Activity developed by Jim Angus.