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Who are the Tuareg (TWA-reg)?

The Tuareg are a group of mostly nomadic people who live in northern Africa. They divide themselves into five strictly defined social classes. Nobles own land and camels, and rule the confederations or political alliances. Vassals farm and graze their herds on land managed by nobles. And, although slavery was abolished in the Sahara in the 1940s, many descendants of slaves still work with their former owners.

The Tuareg have two other specialized groups. Scholars and religious leaders offer guidance. Finally, an outcast group of artisans, known as blacksmiths because they work with metals, makes everything needed for life in the desert, including camel gear, amulets, jewelry, weapons and most household items.

CAS home   Map reproduced courtesy of TUNGHAT, an organization that aims to work and think together with people of Sahel area.