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The baobab is our national tree 

Throughout Senegal, you can see our national tree, the baobab (BAY-o-BOB). Many parts of this tree are useful. We cook baobab leaves in stews, and we eat its fruit. We also peel off the bark to make rope, or boil the bark in water to make a medicine for fever. 

Offerings feed the spirits of our ancestors

We Senegalese often make offerings to our ancestors near trees such as the baobab. Usually we offer food, such as eggs, kola nuts or a porridge called lakh. We break the bowls so the food runs into the ground. That way, spirits can consume it. 

 When ancestors need help, they sometimes appear in dreams to ask for offerings. A dream may say to make an offering to a specific ancestor, or to offer a certain food for help with a particular problem.


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