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Research in Africa

Terrence M. Gosliner,
Senior Curator and Director of Research, specializes in nudibranchs and their relatives (opisthobranch mollusks).

While living in South Africa he studied nudibranchs in Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastal waters. His book, Nudibranchs of Southern Africa, documents more than 250 species; almost half of these were previously unknown to science.

(Bonisa nakaza),
Cape Province,
South Africa

Robert C. Drewes,
Curator and Chairman of Herpetology, is a world authority on the evolutionary relationships of African frogs.
When he first journeyed to Africa in 1969, he realized a childhood dream. Then, as now, his passion was to study African amphibians-their evolution, natural history and biogeography. He has returned to Africa 26 times since then.
  tinker reed frog

Edward S. Ross,
Curator Emeritus of Entomology, initiated Academy research in Africa with a remarkable yearlong "safari" in 1957.
  For that first trip, he designed a unique body for the cab and chassis of his truck, creating a mobile research station for a 33,000-mile cross-continent survey. His nature photographs have illustrated educational media, including textbooks at all grade levels.
Senga Hill,
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