Hotspot: California on the Edge
Plant bug on flower in California's vernal pool habitat
What You Can Do

Everyone's actions, individually or collectively through society, incur ecological impacts. We consume natural resources, release pollutants and generate waste. These impacts are referred to as "ecological footprints." The links below suggest innovative ways for shrinking your ecological footprint on the Earth and helping to maintain Earth's biological diversity. Source: Conservation International

At Home
Ten things you and your family can do to shrink your ecological footprint while retaining your quality of life.

At Work
Over 20 biodiversity-saving tips for your workplace.

In The Backyard
Family projects to explore and protect biodiversity in your own backyard.

In The Classroom
Ideas for adding biodiversity conservation to your curriculum.

In Your Community
Tips for successful grassroots projects in your neighborhood.

Learn to minimize your impact while enjoying the natural world.


Home Owners
Home building and remodeling offer some great opportunities for conservation.

Finding alternatives for driving to work is one of the best conservation choices you can make.

Conservation choices for businesses can mean happier and more productive employees.

Environmentally responsible investmestments mean big returns for everyone.

Politicians & City Planners
Encourage elected officials and city planners to enact environmentally responsible urban policies.

Global Biodiversity Organizations

Alliance for Zero Extinction

Birdlife International

BP Conservation Programme

Conservation International

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

Fauna and Flora International

Global Conservation Fund


Investigate Biodiversity

The Nature Conservancy

RARE Center for Tropical Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Society

World Conservation Union (IUCN)

World Wildlife Fund


Above: Plant bug on flower in a California vernal pool habitat

Urban Sprawl: Tejon Ranch, CA
The Center for Biological Diversity is working to preserve Tejon Ranch, one of southern California's greatest ecological treasures, from urban sprawl

Male California Condor. Photo: David Clendeden

The Trust for Public Land: Tejon Ranch Preservation Program

Help stop the legislative attack on the Endangered Species Act

Learn what you can do in your everyday activities to help protect the environment and lower your ecological footprint

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Center for Biological Diversity

Nature Conservancy

Sierra Club

League of Conservation Voters

California League of Conservation Voters

Learn about California Congressman's Attack on the Endangered Species Act

California Conservation Corps

Friends of the River - California's Statewide River Conservation Organization

Guide to California Programs for Biodiversity Conservation

The Peregrine Fund - California Condor Restoration

Save-the-Redwoods League