Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries California Academy of Sciences Dinosaurs - Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries

Teacher Resources

We have reviewed the Amercian Museum of Natural History's site for educators and suggest the following (age appropriate) teaching materials:

How Big were the Dinosaurs (Grades K-4)
Dinosaur Names (Grades K-4)
The Name Game (Grades 5-8)
How Dinosaurs Moved
Be an Exhibition Explorer

For additional teaching resources, please visit AMNH.

Additional Dinos Activities

Additional hands-on dinosaur craft activities for students K-5, developed by California Academy of Sciences staff

Tyrannosaurus rex Bag Puppet
Thaumatrope Special Effects 2
Imprints: How Were Dinosaur Tracks Formed?
Boney Macaroni

Fun Facts and Q&A

Check out Fun Facts and Q&A developed by California Academy of Sciences docents from the eight sections of the exhibit Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries. IDEAS: Quiz your students before coming to the exhibit with some of the questions from Q&A. Put the Fun Facts in a “dino fact box” and let students read them.

Section 1 - New Discovery: A New Species
Section 2 - It's Not Easy Being Big: Theropod Biomechanics
Section 3 - Heads Up?: Sauropod Biomechanics
Section 4 - Track Record
Section 5 - The Horned Dinosaurs: Display or Defense?
Section 6 - Strange World: Liaoning Diorama
Section 7 - Chaos in the Cretaceous!: Mass Extinction
Section 8 - The Future of the Past


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