Our 75-foot dome displays one of the most accurate digital Universes ever created. From faraway galaxies to the workings of our own planet, you'll experience the cosmos like never before.

Morrison Planetarium shows are fueled by cutting-edge scientific data, resulting in stunning visualizations of the latest findings, discoveries, and theories about our Universe. Every star or galaxy a viewer encounters in the planetarium precisely mirrors a real-world counterpart, and when this virtual cosmos is projected onto Morrison's 75-foot-diameter screen, the dome itself seems to disappear, resulting in a uniquely immersive experience.

Planetarium show tickets are included in the price of admission and can be reserved at the planetarium kiosk.

Please note: Morrison Planetarium will be closed for upgrades from September 6 – October 20, 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience. It will re-open on October 21 with an all-new projection system, providing a richer, more immersive experience inside one of the world’s largest all-digital planetarium domes.

Which planetarium shows do you want to see? Stay tuned for the opportunity to vote on your favorite planetarium productions. We’ll play the top two shows when the planetarium reopens.



Incoming! Chelyabinsk meteor


Asteroids and comets have collided with our planet throughout its history, changing the course of life on Earth and shaping the world we know today. Narrated by George Takei, our newest original planetarium show explores asteroids, comets, and the hard-hitting stories of our cosmic origins.

Sun, Moon, and Seas

Sun, Moon, and Seas

Learn how the Sun and Moon affect our oceans, marine life, and food webs in this live, fifteen-minute program in Hohfeld Hall. 

The exterior of the Morrison Planetarium dome.

Dome Details

Mimicking the tilt of planet Earth, the frame of the dome—composed of 100 percent recycled steel—supports a NanoSeam projection screen that seems to disappear when lit, creating a true-to-life recreation of luminous, faraway space and skies. 

2016 Pocket Almanac

2016 Pocket Almanac

Download the Morrison Planetarium 2016 Pocket Almanac (developed by our own planetarium staff) to stay up-to-date on eclipses, meteor showers, satellite spottings, and more.

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Planetarium Age Restriction

Note: Planetarium shows may not be appropriate for children 6 and younger, and we regret that we cannot permit anyone under 4.

Planetarium by Night

Planetarium by Night

Morrison Planetarium is open for Thursday NightLife events, featuring special shows and presentations.