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Explore Science offers a window into our scientific collections and highlights the people, issues, and scientific breakthroughs that are redefining how we understand—and protect—life on Earth.
Science News
Our space news round-up includes news from Venus, Ceres, a radio telescope, and the Rosetta mission.
Our Work
In 2012, Fisher turned his focus toward the ant populations of one of the last pristine forests in Madagascar.
DIY Science
Be mesmerized by sharks and rays, tropical fish, and waddling penguins. Our webcams stream 24 hours a day.

This is my first posting on this Academy blog. I am Dr.


Each species plays an important role in the natural world—and the more we know about life on Earth, the better we can protect it.

How does biodiversity affect human health? Can we put a price tag on it?
California's endemic plant species support a rich, diverse group of native and visiting organisms.
Academy scientists suspect the Verde Island Passage may be “the center of the center” of marine biodiversity.

Earthquake Science

The 25th anniversary of San Francisco's Loma Prieta earthquake serves as a powerful reminder of nature's seismic forces.

UC Berkeley researchers are working on an early-warning system for earthquakes.
Earthquake Science
Take a kinetic journey through seismic phenomena and explore how they fit into Earth's geologic history.
Earthquake Science
On the anniversary of the 1906 seismic event, we look at recent earthquake news.

Shark Conservation

As scientists learns more each day about sharks' roles in marine ecosystems, the race is on to create new protections.

Understanding and appreciating these graceful, fascinating creatures can help save them.
Shark Conservation
John McCosker studies great white sharks and the marine life of the Galapagos Islands.
Shark Conservation
It’s that time of year—when toothy sharks and thirsty humans unite for a salute to brews with an aquatic twist.

Climate Change

Climate change isn't an abstract concept—it's already begun to affect some organisms' ability to thrive, or even to survive.

Photo of grapes
Academy researchers investigate how climate change affects California's grapes and the wine industry.
Climate Change
Some penguins may fare better than others as the planet warms.
Climate Change
The Academy's Terry Gosliner describes a recent bleaching event in the Coral Triangle.

Academy Voices

Most people who see me in the Project Lab know me as the bug and spider guy, taking pictures of and...
Academy researcher John McCosker talks about local sharks and efforts to protect them.
Academy scientists describe some of the spectacular organisms that can be discovered in the shallows.
If you live in California, you're pretty much surrounded by weeds, but which plants qualify as weeds and why?
Photo of fish in twilight zone

Editor's Choice

Academy scientists dive in the Twilight Zone.

Latest News

Scientists are looking at fruit fly brains to understand how humans make decisions.
Three new studies that we don’t want you to miss!
A new report provides ways to tackle climate change and improve economic growth.
The monarch genome reveals the mechanisms behind migration, color and the butterfly's origin.

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