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Fly on the Wall 

July 30, 2008

Microscopes en route to Afghanistan

The Academy’s Education division recently donated twenty compound microscopes to a local San Francisco teacher who travels to Afghanistan each summer to do trainings with science educators. After years of use in Academy education programs, the microscopes will now go on to inspire students half way around the world – along with anatomy charts, models, hand lenses, and other educational materials, they’ll go to teachers in rural Afghanistan, some of whom may never have used a microscope before. The teachers will then be able to use those tools to bring hands-on science activities to their students. Find out more about the project at http://blog.schoolisopen.org/.

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July 25, 2008

Blue whale rising

The Academy’s 87-foot-long blue whale skeleton now hovers above the west exhibit hall, the future home of an exhibit called Altered State: Climate Change in California. From a whale watching boat or photo, it can be difficult to grasp the scale of these massive creatures (the largest mammals on Earth)…but it’s incredible to see a skeleton up close and realize you could easily stand up tall inside its ribcage.

Catch a glimpse of the week-long installation process below:

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July 15, 2008

Giant sea bass arrives

What does it take to move a giant sea bass? For starters, seven aquatic biologists, excellent pallet jack maneuvering skills, and a willingness to get a little wet.

The sea bass waited patiently as the biologists steering the transport container navigated some complicated turns and a few obstacles (like cords, in the photo below, left). After getting acclimated to the water from its new habitat, and splashing around a bit, the large fish was positioned in its sling. Then the biologists hoisted it up and into the tank (below, right), where it joined five California moray eels and a pair of horn sharks.
Headed to the tankInto the slingReady to hoist

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