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Center for Comparative Genomics 

March 26, 2012

São Tomé and Príncipe

This Wednesday, March 28th I depart from SFO to join Dr. Bob Drewes’ expedition to the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe. The islands are in the Gulf of Guinea situated on the west coast of Africa and lie directly on the equator (Figure below). The objectives of this trip are to collect limpets, forams, and an elusive shrew. As far as I am aware, no limpets have ever been recorded from these islands. The forams (foraminifera – a single celled eukaryote with a calcareous test (shell)) are being collected for a phylogenomics project with Dr. Jere Lipps. The shrew is being collected for a biogeography project with UCLA undergraduate student Eden Maloney and Dr. Drewes.Figure 1

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

    Comment by Velma — March 26, 2012 @ 6:02 pm

  2. Are you there yet?

    Comment by Jim — March 30, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

  3. Yes, we have arrived.

    Comment by brian — March 31, 2012 @ 11:05 am

  4. Look forward to seeing your reports and pictures.

    Comment by Brian Shinoda — April 5, 2012 @ 10:26 pm

  5. LOL. ‘Very funny description of your departure to Principe. I suppose it was not funny at the time, but it made me laugh. HAHAHA

    Comment by warren simison — April 15, 2012 @ 9:55 pm

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