XIV Annual Run To The Far Side© Draws Hearty Runners
and Bizarre Costumed Clad Larson Devotees

SAN FRANCISCO (December 1, 1998) ó Braving heavy rain and blustery winds, more than 10,000 runners and walkers participated in the XIV Annual Run To The Far Side on Sunday. "With seasoned athletes running next to bizarre costumed creatures, the Run To The Far Side engenders the spirit of the Academy of Sciences -- everyone has a great time, even in the rain" said Patrick Kociolek, Academy Executive Director. "This holiday tradition celebrates the creativity of a great artist, but it also supports a vital San Francisco institution." Proceeds from the event support the California Academy of Sciencesí environmental education and research programs.

The winner of the menís 10K, Julius Gidabuday (30:43), came from Tanzania to participate in the race. His brother, Wilhelm Gidabuday, took second place in the menís 5K. Other first place winners include Linda Somers Smith (womenís 10K, 35:14); Christine Iwahashi (womenís 10K Masters, 41:58); Brad Hawthorne (menís 10K Masters, 32:40); Richie Boulet (menís 5K, 14:49); Lisa Lopez (womenís 5K 16:51); Lloyd Stephenson (menís 5K Masters, 15:46); Kim Rupert (womenís 5K Masters, 18:51).

The winner of the costume contest was Chris Davis from Tucson, Arizona for his giant, woolly reproduction of "Deja Vu. " Other costume winners represented Larsonís Nerds of the Old West, Madagascar Cockroach, I Hate This Horse, The Moo Chariot, Amoebas, Shopping Bag Lady, Door Ding Gnomes At Work, and Noahís Ark.