Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds
Arrives At The California Academy Of Sciences

Exhibit Opens October 9, 1999

SAN FRANCISCO (May 1999) -- This fall, visitors to the California Academy of Sciences can journey to the grassy fields of Zaire, the bustling streets of Senegal, the Atlantic coast of Cameroon, explore the Great Rift in East Africa, and join a caravan of the Tuareg people in the Sahara desert.

This journey is part of a new traveling exhibit that displays the vitality and diversity of cultures and nations that have shaped Africa, the second largest continent in the world. Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds will offer visitors a deeper understanding of family life, art, ecology, commerce and the Diaspora from Africa from historical and contemporary perspectives.

"Visitors of all ages will have an opportunity to explore cultures and customs of Africa and perhaps gain a new understanding of contemporary African heritage here in the United States," said Dr. Patrick Kociolek, Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences. "This exhibit inspires a sense of wonder about the vast continent."

The traveling exhibit is an adaptation of the 15,000 square foot permanent exhibition AFRICA at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History and features dozens of specimens and artifacts from the Field's impressive collections. The five year tour of Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds is made possible by Ford Motor Company and TIME Magazine. "We believe that special exhibits, such as Africa, enrich our communities and help us see the world far beyond our own backyards," said Alex Trotman, chairman and CEO, Ford Motor Company. "This exhibit offers a shared vision of Africa that creates not only understanding, but a sense of wonder and awe. We are proud to join with our friends at Ford Motor Company to present the exhibition," TIME Magazine President E. Bruce Hallett said.

Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds will be at the Academy of Science until January 9, 2000.