California Academy of Sciences Celebrates
Chinese New Year

SAN FRANCISCO (January 1999) - In honor of Chinese New Year (February 16), one of the most festive celebrations in San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences will offer several Saturday afternoon programs. These activities will highlight ancient Chinese customs and art forms including a performance using Chinese folk instruments, demonstrations of brush painting, stone seal carving, and Tai-Chi, an ancient martial art form. For more information, please call (415) 750-7145 or visit our website at

Program Schedule:

Saturday, February 6 Chinese Music
1 p.m., African Hall Free after general admission to the museum
Wang Hong, a specialist in ancient Chinese folk instruments, plays the erhu, (two-stringed spiked fiddle), dizhi (bamboo flute), xiao (vertical flute), sheng (mouth organ), bawu (copper membrane flute) and xun (clay flute). Mr. Hong is accompanied by his ensemble Melody of China.

Saturday, February 13 Chinese Arts
10 - 5 p.m., Cowell Hall
Free after general admission to the museum
Mr. Zhao Quan He, Mr. Huen Moon-Yan and members of the Chinese Arts Association of America present a day long demonstration of calligraphy, brush painting and stone seal carving.

Saturday, February 20 Tai-Chi
1 p.m., Auditorium
Free after general admission to the museum
Master Zach Ma will introduce the ancient martial art of Tai-Chi, including the hand-form and sword-form. Audience participation is welcome.