Preeminent Photographer Dr. David Malin
To Lecture At Morrison Planetarium

SAN FRANCISCO (June 22, 1999) -- The California Academy of Sciences' Morrison Planetarium is pleased to welcome Dr. David Malin, the world's preeminent photographer of the cosmos. Dr. Malin will present "The Art and Science of Astronomical Photography" under the stars of Morrison Planetarium on Tuesday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Like most aspects of the natural world, the distant universe is both mysterious and beautiful. Astronomers spend much time unraveling its mysteries using different telescopes and detectors that look at visible and invisible light. This information is very important, however, it is the images that capture our imagination. In his profusely illustrated talk, Dr. Malin will show how modern photographic techniques, designed to reveal the faintest objects, also uncover a universe of spectacular color and eye-catching form among the stars and galaxies.

Dr. David Malin is a photographic scientist-astronomer at the Anglo Australian Observatory located in New South Wales, Australia. He is the author of A View of the Universe and The Invisible Universe, and has contributed to several other publications. His stunning images have inspired astronomers, both amateur and professional, to pursue a deeper understanding of the universe. Dr. Malin began his career as a chemist, appropriately training for his later work of perfecting a photographic technique that overlaps single-color images into glorious, full-color views of the star-clusters, nebulae and galaxies that populate our night skies.