The Health of the World’s Oceans Topic for Conservation Lectures Series

Sponsored by the California Academy of Sciences and The Commonwealth Club of California,
in collaboration with the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation

SAN FRANCISCO (September 14, 2000)–The California Academy of Sciences joins forces with the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation and the Commonwealth Club of California to bring conservation experts together for two evenings of discussion concerning marine ecosystems in the California coastal region. The lectures will focus on marine ecosystem conservation, marine contamination, population pressures, fisheries management and shark conservation. Tickets are $6 for Academy members and $10 non-members and are available at the door or by calling (415) 750-7128.

Poisons Pollutants and Pesticides, Oh My! October 19 at 6:30 p.m.

With Susan L. Anderson, Associate Research Biologist, UC Davis, Pew Marine Conservation Fellow and Marla Cone, Environmental Writer, Los Angeles Times, Pew Marine Conservation Fellow at the Commonwealth Club of California, 595 Market Street, San Francisco.

Just how clean are the waters of San Francisco Bay? Join Susan Anderson and Marla Cone, as they discuss the biological effects of marine and estuarine contamination on aquatic life. Learn about the present status of San Francisco Bay, and what can be done to protect this vital and precious local resource.

Up to Our Necks in California Waters November 15 at 7:30 p.m.

With Burr Heneman, Marine Conservation Policy Consultant, Pew Marine Conservation Fellow and John McCosker, Curator and Chair, Department of Aquatic Biology, California Academy of Sciences. The lecture will be held at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Covering issues of fish and fisheries, the development of the environmental movement, marine resource management, and the protection of the Great White Shark, to name just a few, Heneman and McCosker share their knowledge of the California coastline in a wide-ranging conversation.