California Academy of Sciences Extends Venoms: Striking Beauties Exhibit

SAN FRANCISCO (October 25, 2000)–VENOMS: Striking Beauties, a heart stopping exhibit enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the California Academy of Sciences, will be extended through June 30, 2001. Visitors will enjoy viewing and discovering strikingly beautiful venomous animals up close.

Visitors learn how animals use venom for survival — to catch their food and avoid becoming another animal’s meal. Because many venomous animals are depicted as harmful creatures, the creators of VENOMS: Striking Beauties also hope to dispel myths about venomous animals and teach visitors that not all venomous animals are dangerous to humans and in fact, play very important ecological roles.

For programming information, check our web site, or call 415-750-7145. Online press kits are available at VENOMS: Striking Beauties is sponsored by Microsoft. Additional funding came from Bank of America.