Children Take Over California Academy of Sciences

10th Annual "An Evening for Our Future Scientists" Brings Children to
Academy of Sciences for a Night of Learning and Fun

SAN FRANCISCO (September 21, 2001) - The California Academy of Sciences and the San Francisco Unified School District are sponsoring the 10th annual "An Evening for Our Future Scientists" on Tuesday September 28th from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the Academy.
The event is a free evening of hands-on learning and entertainment open to kindergarteners and first-graders in the San Francisco public schools and their families and teachers.

"This is one of the most inspiring events of the year at the Academy," said Dr. Patrick Kociolek, Curator and Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences. "The children's enthusiasm and curiosity is infectious. We hope to inspire in them a love of learning about science."

The evening is designed to support dynamic, hands-on learning for children and to provide a foundation for successful future science education.

Approximately 2000 children, parents and teachers are expected to attend. In past years Strybing Arboretum, the San Francisco Public Library and other community organizations have joined with the Academy and the School District to offer activities like feather art, thumbprint portraits and opportunities to interact with live animals.

The School District provides free transportation to and from the event from over 20 local schools, including: Malcolm X Academy, Dr. George Washington Carver, Burnett CDC, Dr. Charles Drew, Starr King, Leonard R. Flynn, Cesar Chavez, Goerge Moscone, Edison, Sanchez, John Muir, Rosa Parks, Golden Gate, Bret Harte, E. R. Taylor, Visitacion Valley, Monroe, Yick Wo, Gordon J. Lau, Spring Valley, Redding and Longfellow

Attendees seeking more information about this event can contact their child's school. For information about the California Academy of Sciences, please call (415) 750-7145.

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