California Academy of Sciences Celebrates
Black History Month
February 2002

Celebrate Black History Month at the California Academy of Sciences this February. All programs are free after museum admission. For more information, visit, or call 415-750-7145.

Nigerian Sculpture Artist In Residence
Nigerian artist Geoffrey Nwogu will be at the Academy for three months working on a sculpture installation in Cowell Hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the artist up close as he works. Mr. Nwogu will create a family of three deity figures modeled from mud clay, positioned in a decorative structure consisting of platform and backdrop. The finished work will resemble a typical mbari house, customarily built as a ritual offering to the gods in villages in Igboland, Southeastern Nigeria.
Wednesdays through Saturdays, January 2-March 30 10 am - 4 pm

This program is funded by the Creative Work Fund in San Francisco, which supports collaborations between local artists and non-profit institutions. The Academy was one of six recipients awarded grants in the Traditional Arts category in 2001.

Zulu Dance
Masters of the African form of stilt dancing, Zulu Connection captures its audiences with colorful and elaborate costumes, tremendous heights, extraordinary acrobatics, and magnificent dance moves. Stilt dancing originated in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, and by way of the African slave trade made its way to the United States. In this participatory program, learn about African and African Diaspora customs, history, musical instruments and legends.
Wednesday, February 6 1 & 2:30 pm

West African Music & Dance
Kucheza Ngoma is a performing troupe specializing in dance, and drumming from West Africa-especially Senegal, Guinea, and The Gambia. Their beautifully choreographed pieces reflect New World influences as well as African forms, resulting in a performance that highlights the richness and complexity of the African diaspora. Live drumming and singing bring a special energy and vitality to the group's performances.
Saturday, February 9 1 pm

Tales from the Caribbean
Kooki Davis, born in Trinidad, brings a set of stories about the adventures of her Auntie Ruby, Anansi the spider-trickster, and Nyame the sky god. Kooki will also use her remarkable handmade dolls as part of this presentation.
Saturday, February 16 1 pm

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