Heads up!
The California Academy of Sciences Rolls Out
Skulls Trading Cards with a Scintillating Scavenger Hunt
Program begins Sunday, September 1, 2002

San Francisco (August 9, 2002) -- Inspired by the blockbuster exhibit Skulls, The Academy is proud to announce the roll-out of trading cards that supplement learning in the bony exhibit. Visitors who have a head for skulls may collect all nine cards for free.

Visitors receive their first card - the human skull - just by visiting the Academy between the months of September and December. They can then complete a fun and educational scavenger hunt to earn four more free cards: the giraffe, piranha, alligator and grizzly bear. Guests may collect the final four cards - the great horned owl, alligator snapping turtle, sea otter and rhino - by finishing a second scavenger hunt in the months of November and December.

Each card highlights one of the skulls represented in the exhibit and connects the visitor to the science behind the skull. The front features a photograph of the animal's skull, along with its common and scientific names. Skull stats are provided on the backside, including the animal's wild and Academy habitats, conservation status, food web position (predator or prey), diet and fun facts.
Scavenger hunts may be picked up at all points of entrance to the Academy.


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