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June 2002


ONGOING through late 2003
Skulls includes almost 1,500 different dead heads -- ranging from monkeys and giraffes to warthogs and rats to bears and dolphins. The exhibit is festooned with 860 sea lion heads in a 93-foot-long undulating display. Created by Academy staff, Skulls will show visitors what the study of human and animal skulls can reveal about behavior, injury, disease, evolutionary adaptation, and more. This strange and stunning display will captivate young and old alike.

X-Ray Ichthyology
Ongoing through 2003
Prepare to look at fish in a whole new light. X-Ray Ichthyology captures forty-six fish from the Academy's ichthyology collection on X-ray film. Blown up and backlit, these large-format photographs transform scaly swimmers ranging from piranhas to guitarfish into eerie, luminescent works of art.

Photo Contest Winners
April 20, 2002 - December 2002
From France to Fresno, children ages 6­18 have submitted photographs to the Children's Photography Contest at the Academy. Come see the winning entries on display in Wild California Hall.

New Summer Hours
Starting Saturday, May 25, 2002
The Academy will remain open daily from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the summer season through Labor Day, September 2, 2002.


The Ring of Voices: Singing Rounds - A round is a song designed for creating harmony: everyone sings the same melody, beginning at different times, and the overlapping of the melodic line creates lush chords or delicate counterpoint. In this program, Kay Eskenazi offers a historical and musical introduction to this traditional musical form.
Saturday, June 1, 1 pm

Plains Indian Flutes - Jim "Eagle Heart" Callaway is of Cherokee, Choctaw, and Irish descent from Watonga, Oklahoma. He creates his flutes from aromatic cedar-using the five-hole northern plains design-and carves an animal fetish for each one. Jim will demonstrate both the making and the playing of these traditional instruments. This event is co-sponsored by the Native American Cultural Center.
Saturday, June 8, 1 pm

A Musical History of the Hurdy-Gurdy
The hurdy-gurdy is one of a family of instruments known as "key fiddles," which date back to medieval Europe. In this program, Musician Eathan James discusses the development of this unusual instrument and plays selections from its repertoire. Mr. James, one of the foremost American hurdy-gurdy players, has released several albums of hurdy-gurdy music.
Saturday, June 16, 1 pm

The Art, Craft, and Science of the Bullwhip - The whip has been used for centuries as a tool for driving animals, particularly cattle and horses. Carters, coachmen, and wagoners developed remarkable skill in manipulating whips in various patterns. Andrew Conway will demonstrate various styles of whip cracking and discuss the practice's physics and history. Expert whip-maker Victor Tella will demonstrate the stages of crafting a bullwhip.
Saturday, June 22, 1 pm

Regional Dances from the Philippines - Dancers from Bayanihan Cultural Organization present a program of dances from the Philippines. Because of the country's complex history, Filipino dances reflect diverse cultural influences. In today's program, Bayanihan offers a sampling of dances from various regional traditions.
Saturday, June 29, 1 pm

-Kids: Things To Do-

Nature Discovery - ongoing
Each year the California Academy of Sciences offers children, families and adults more than 200 field trips, workshops and classes focusing on science and the natural world. Explore tide pools in Marin, discover birds in Golden Gate Park or learn how to draw and paint animals in Steinhart Aquarium.

Children's Story Time - ongoing

Story Time takes place in the Skulls exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences each Saturday at 10:30 am. Children from ages 3 to 7 are welcome.

Free Wednesday
The first Wednesday of every month is free, all year long! The museum stays open until 8:45 pm on Free Wednesdays - at 5 pm step into Morrison Planetarium for a free half-hour concert.
Wednesday, May 1, 10 am - 8:45 pm
California Academy of Sciences

Skull Detective
Join Academy naturalist Juan-Carlos Solis and examine mammal, bird, reptile and fish skulls as we look for clues that may reveal what the skull owner ate and how it lived. We'll explore various skull specimens and see samples of the food they may have eaten when they were alive.
Wednesday, June 12 & 26, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

How do They do That?
Uncover the connection between skulls and skill in the animal world, as we explain animal senses by looking at the skull that make it possible. How do animals locate prey without seeing it or hearing it? Or swallow prey bigger than their heads? We'll answer these and other questions in this family presentation
Tuesdays in June, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Owl Pellet Forensics
Look for skulls in owl pellets and find out who is on the menu for these supreme night hunters. We'll provide owl pellets, dissecting tools, and skull identification guides.
Tuesday, June 18, 12:30 pm
Free with admission

Bare Bones
Take a crash course on recognizing animals by their skulls alone. Learn some quick tips to make identification easier among skulls of different vertebrates, and discover important details used by experts to compare species. We'll look at human, hyena, turtle, rodent skulls among others.
Sunday June 2, 9, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Mysterious Victims of Flying Predators
Examine the hunting technique of hawks, eagles and other flying predators, then help us reconstruct the scene of the crime as we identify the skulls of their prey. Owl pellets will be provided for close examination.
Thursdays in June, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Skulls Culture
Explore some of the beliefs and practices associated with skulls around the world. Examine myths, medical treatments and scientific discoveries throughout history and in modern times. Topics include the head-shrinking in the Shuar sub-tribe of Jivaro Indians, Aztec skull burials and a historic review of helmets.
Saturday, June 15 & 22, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Make a Skull
Make simple machine skull models completed with false teeth and hinged jaws to
further study how function dictates form in this orthodontic adventure. Using balsa wood, scrap wood, hinges, and false teeth students will create their own set of jaws and dentition. We'll also have an observation station with different skulls on hand for you to handle and examine.
Saturday, June 1 & 29, Sunday, June 23 & 30, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Food Habits and Skull Design in Marine Mammals
Meet the Academy's Dr. Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez and explore various marine
mammal skulls including California sea lion, polar bear and walrus. Dr. Acevedo will talk about the skull design as it relates to food capture and consumption.
Wednesday, June 5, 19, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Free with admission

Marin Headlands Experience for Little Ones- Family Field Trip - Bring your little ones to experience the wonders of the Marin Headlands. This remarkable natural area-just north of the Golden Gate Bridge-offers rolling hills, sweeping ocean views, and a variety of birds, mammals, insects, and coastal plants. Discover the secrets of this special place while taking a short hike to the beach. For families with children ages 3 to 5. Instructed by Ginger Parish. Sunday, July 7, 9:30 am-noon $20 adults/$15 children, members $25 adults/$20 children, non-members.

-Kids: Places To Go-

Steinhart Aquarium
Come watch live sharks, alligators, penguins, hundreds of fish and a living coral reef at the Steinhart Aquarium. The Steinhart houses over 600 varieties of aquatic life in 165 individual tanks. Open ocean fish swim around you in the 100,000-gallon fish roundabout (feedings take place at 1:30 pm daily). Penguin feedings take place at
11:30 am and 4 pm each day.
California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park
Open 365 days of the year


Free Concert Under the Stars
Enjoy a concert under the stars for guests 6 years of age and over in the Morrison Planetarium.
Wednesday, June 5, 5:00 p.m.
Free Day

Concert Under the Stars
Join acclaimed performers, Elaine Thornburgh, and Jillon Stoppels Dupree for Baroque and Beyond, an evening of harpsichord music under the stars of Morrison Planetarium. Baroque and Beyond, reflects the radiant, witty spirit of eighteenth century Italy and Germany, along with modern works.
June 9, 8 pm, Morrison Planetarium
Tickets: $12 Members & Seniors/$15 non-members


"Views of the Gamma-Ray Sky: In Orbit and from Here on Earth" Dr. Valerie Connaughton, NASA. Learn how the next generation of ground and space-based gamma-ray observatories promise to answers some of the most puzzling astrophysical questions.
Tuesday, June 4 - Dr. Valerie Connaughton 7:30-9 pm. Morrison Planetarium Tickets $3

Conversations at the Herbst Theater 2002
The Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce the 2002 Conversations at the Herbst Theater series presented in conjunction with City Arts and Lectures. All lectures take place at Herbst Theatre. Tickets may be purchased through City Box Office at (415) 392-4400
Gretel Ehrlich & Michael Pollan
In conversation with Renee Rothmann
Wednesday, June 5 8 pm

SETI: Science Fact, Not Fiction
Dr. Jill Tarter, Director, Center for SETI Research
Aliens abound on the movie screens, but in reality, we are still trying to find out if we share our universe with other sentient creatures. SETI is an attempt to detect evidence of distant technology. Learn more about the search for extraterrestrial life using radio telescopes and short optical pulses
Tuesday, June 25. 7:30 pm
Tickets: $3 at the door
To reserve in advance, please send a check and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Jubilee Lectures
Morrison Planetarium
California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 94118

-Adult Classes & Workshops-

Sketching California Natives - Adult Workshops - Set up a botanical field journal with your own sketches and written observations during this relaxing, informative two-day workshop. Study published field journals to understand the basic structures of flowers and leaves. Walk to nearby Strybing Arboretum to draw plants in the California Native Garden. Suitable for students of all levels. Instructed by Carolynne Griffin. Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2, 10 am-4 pm
$100 members/$105 non-members (Art materials are not included; a supply list is sent with confirmation notice.)

Modern Maya: Textiles and Traditions - Adult Seminars - Learn about past and present textile traditions of the Mayan people of Guatemala and Mexico. See how the rainbow-hued handwoven fabrics connect the people to their ancestors and carry forward a rich body of
knowledge that serves as a major source of identity for the modern Maya. Instructed by Carol Morrison. Two Thursdays: June 20 & 27, 7-9 pm $30 members/$35 non-members

Willow Baskets - Adult Workshop - Much like the Amish and Shaker communities, the Amana of Iowa make beautiful yet practical everyday objects. Discover their traditions by weaving a sturdy, versatile willow basket. The Amana-style basket has a detachable foot that allows for easy replacement when worn. Learn the split bottom, three-rod wale, twining, fitching, and French randing. Strong hands are needed to work the wet willow branches. Instructed by Kathleen Hubbard. Sunday, June 23, 10 am-4 pm $65 members/$75 non-members (Plus $15 materials fee.)


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