What's on at the California Academy of Sciences
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March 2002


OPENING: March 30 2002 through 2003
Don't miss this chance to get inside our heads! Skulls - a thrilling exploration of the architecture and function of the skull - is coming to The California Academy of Sciences on March 30, 2002. This exhibit, created by Academy staff, will show visitors what the study of human and animal skulls can reveal about behavior, injury and disease, evolutionary adaptation, and more. Hundreds of skulls from around the world will be featured in this strange and stunning display.

Powers of Ten
OPENING: March 30, 2002 through January 2003 - Please note change in opening date
Come visit a place where the farthest reaches of the Universe and the familiar features of your own back yard are just a few steps - and a few zeros - apart. Powers of Ten, an exhibit based on the landmark film by Charles and Ray Eames, will bring this exponential journey through time and space to The California Academy of Sciences on March 30, 2002.

-Special Events-

Nigerian Sculpture Artist In Residence
For three months, Nigerian artist Geoffrey Nwogu will be at the Academy working on a sculpture installation on the public floor. Mr. Nwogu will create a family of three deity figures modeled from mud clay, positioned in a decorative structure consisting of platform and backdrop. The finished work will resemble a typical mbari house, customarily built as a ritual offering to the gods in villages in Igboland, Southeastern Nigeria. Wednesdays through Saturdays, March 1-March 30 10 am - 4 pm
This program is funded by the Creative Work Fund in San Francisco, which supports collaborations between local artists and non-profit institutions. The Academy was one of six recipients awarded grants in the Traditional Arts category in 2001.

Kevin Keller Trio - Concert Across the Sky
You and your family are invited to share in this special concert celebration with the Kevin Keller Trio. Well known to Bay Area audiences for their blend of beautiful music and state-of-the-art visuals, cellist Tania Simoncelli, bassist Mark Fassett, and keyboardist Kevin Keller, return to the planetarium with an exciting new show called "Across the Sky."
Sunday, March 24 8 pm
Morrison Planetarium
$12 members and seniors / $15 non members


The Leakey Speaker Series on Human Origins
The Academy of Sciences and the LSB Leakey Foundation are pleased to continue the Leakey Speaker Series on Human Origins with the following two lectures.

Women Who Hunt with Fire
Anthropology professor Dr. Rebecca Bird will be speaking about mosaic burning in the arid zone of Australia, which is commonly assumed to be a hunting and land management strategy closely tied to men's ritual imperatives. Knowing why men and women of contemporary foragers hunt differently may illuminate our understanding of the evolutionary origins of the sexual division of labor. Research with contemporary aboriginal foragers, the Mardu, in Australia's Great Sandy Desert shows that women, more often than men use fire as a hunting strategy. Dr. Bird explores these strategies and explains their implications for understanding the ecology of gender differences among contemporary hunter-gatherers.
Thursday, February 28 7:30 pm
$8 members/$12 non-members

Becoming Human
Join Dr. Ian Tattersall as he traces the fascinating major events in human physical and cognitive evolution over the last four million years, pondering the question, "How and when did we become fully human?" Our evolution was not a gradual linear process; rather, it was an eventful story of experimentation, with new species constantly generated and extinctions regularly taking place. In light of this, it is an unusual for us to be the lone hominid in the world today.
Thursday, March 21 7:30 pm
$8 members/$12 non-members

Scientific Conversations: Luis Baptista and Beyond
This evening's lecturer, Claudia Dreifus, has made a career out of talking to some of the most interesting, intelligent people the world has to offer. She has interviewed celebrities, world leaders, political dissidents¾and most important for this lecture, cutting-edge scientists. In this lecture, she will be joined a special guest who also appears in her book and specializes in Forensic Math--Charles Brenner. The interview format of this lecture promises to be lively and informative, as Claudia Dreifus explores the mind and spirit of this great scientist.
Wednesday, March 13 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Free for members/ $12 for non-members

Lifting the Cosmic Veil Through Infrared Astronomy
Dr. Michael D. Bicay, Assistant Director for Community & Public Affairs, SIRTF Science Center, California Institute of Technology, discusses how infrared light provides a probe into regions that are otherwise obscured from our view by dust. He will summarize the most important scientific results obtained since the first infrared satellite surveyed the cosmos in 1983. He will provide a glimpse into the next 15 years, when infrared light will be exploited to discover the birth remnants of new planetary systems, to directly image planets around nearby stars, and to search for spectroscopic signatures of terrestrial-size planets capable of sustaining life.
Tuesday, March 19 7:30 p.m.
$3 for all

Conversations at the Herbst Theater 2002
The Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce the 2002 Conversations at the Herbst Theater series presented in conjunction with City Arts and Lectures.

Peter Matthiessen & Gary Snyder in Conversation with Peter Coyote
Writer explorer, poet and actor activist come together for an evening of enlightening and intriguing conversation in conjunction with City Arts and Lectures.
Monday, March 25 8 pm
$16 members/$18 non-members

Robert Sapolsky:
Wednesday April 24 8 pm

E.O. Wilson: The Annual Claire Matzger Lilienthal Distinguished Lecturer
In conversation with Penny Nelson
Thursday May 9 8 pm

Tony Hillerman In conversation with Roy Eisenhardt

Wednesday, May 29 8 pm

Gretel Ehrlich & Michael Pollan
Wednesday, June 5 8 pm

Luis Baptista Memorial Concert
Pianist Jeffrey Kahane will be joined by distinguished chamber musicians Peter Wyrick, Eric Wyrick, and Laura Flax in Olivier Messiaen's monumental Quartet for the End of Time.
Wednesday, May 22 8 pm

-Classes & Field Trips-

Chandra's Universe
Adult Seminar
What is Chandra telling us about galaxies? What is Galileo discovering about Europa? How will Cassini expand our knowledge of Saturn? Find out how these and other space probes are expanding our knowledge of our solar system and universe.
Darryl Stanford
Monday, March 11 7-9 pm
$20 members/$25 non-members

-Public Programs & Events-

Free Wednesday
The first Wednesday of every month is free, all year long! The museum stays open until 8:45 pm on Free Wednesdays - come and enjoy the extended hours!
Wednesday, March 6 10 am - 8:45 pm
California Academy of Sciences

The American A Cappella Tradition
The Richter Scales are a "bevy of gentlemen songsters," who perform in a variety of styles. Most of these singers were trained in the collegiate a cappella tradition. Today's program, which focuses on American standards, will also include a discussion of the contemporary a cappella scene.
Saturday, March 2 1 pm
Free with museum admission

A Cappella Harmonies with SoVoSo
From the Soul to the Voice to the Song members of SoVoSo will demonstrate their dynamic and inspirational "voices only" music making and group improvisation. The singers also will lead the audience in a lively session of "circlesinging", initiating rhythmic, repeated melodic phrases or sounds, in three or more interlocking parts to build a spontaneous vocal invention.
Wednesday, March 6 1 & 2:30 pm
Morrison Auditorium

Mesoamerican Musical Instruments
Artist and musician Ernesto Hernández Olmos offers a demonstration of the making and playing of pre-Columbian instruments from Mesoamerica. Join us in learning how to make maracas, rainsticks, guiros, drums or other indigenous instruments
Saturday, March 9 1 pm
Free with museum admission

Wushu: Chinese Martial Arts
The Chinese practice of wushu, or martial arts, dates back more than 6000 years. Originally a means of self defense, wushu today is practiced as both a cultural endeavor and a sport it may eventually be an Olympic sport--if the Chinese have their way. Wushu, which promotes health and enhances strength and concentration, has thousands of forms. Today's program features members of the San Francisco Wushu Team.
Saturday, March 16 1 pm
Free with museum admission

Rebuilding Australopithecus
See the facial reconstruction of our ancient ancestor the 'Taung Child' and learn how modern forensic technology is applied to the skull reconstruction process in an australopithecine cranium. Natural history and biological sculptor Gloria Louise Nusse will be working onsite explaining the process to visitors.
Saturday & Sunday March 30-1 11:30 am & 1:30 pm
Free with museum admission

Skull Detective
Join Academy naturalist Juan-Carlos Solis and examine the skulls of various vertebrates as we look for clues that may reveal how the animal lived. We'll explore shark, whale, and bird skulls and see samples of the food they may have eaten when they were alive.
March 30 12:30 & 2:30 pm
Free with museum admission

- Kids: Places To Go -

Steinhart Aquarium
Come watch live sharks, alligators, penguins hundreds of fish and a living coral reef at the Steinhart Aquarium. The Steinhart houses over 600 varieties of aquatic life in 165 individual tanks. Open ocean fish swim around you in the 100,000-gallon fish roundabout (feedings take place at 1:30 pm daily). Penguin feedings take place at
11:30 am and 4 pm each day.
California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park
Open 365 days of the year

- Kids: Things To Do -

Expanded Junior Academy Offerings - Spring Break
To accommodate various school schedules, we've expanded our spring holiday classes. This year, enjoy two weeks of fun-filled, hands-on activities for kids 6 to 15 years old. Come investigate fossils, take a tour of the universe, or be a field scientist for a day. Our Spring/Summer 2002 Course Catalog is includes more details and registration information.
Tuesday-Thursday, March 26-28 & April 2-4, 9 am-noon & 1-4 pm

Nature Discovery - ongoing
Each year the California Academy of Sciences offers children, families and adults more than 200 field trips, workshops and classes focusing on science and the natural world. Explore tide pools in Marin, discover birds in Golden Gate Park or learn how to draw and paint animals in Steinhart Aquarium.

Children's Story Time - ongoing
Story Time takes place near the T-rex at the front entrance of The California Academy of Sciences each Saturday at 10:30 am.
Free with museum admission

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