X-Ray Ichthyology
Striking Images of Fish from around the World
California Academy of Sciences
Exhibit to Open March 1, 2002

What: Prepare to look at fish in a whole new light. X-Ray Ichthyology, an exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, captures forty-six fish from the Academy's ichthyology collection on X-ray film. Blown up and backlit, these large-format photographs transform scaly swimmers ranging from piranhas to guitarfish into eerie, luminescent works of art. The species represented come from all over the world - as close to home as the California coast to the Galapagos Islands and Myanmar.

Where: California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park.

When: Opens Friday March 1, 2002. Runs through Fall 2002.

Info: The collection of fishes in the Academy's Ichthyology Department is one of the top five in the world - containing over 2 million specimens. To facilitate a deeper understanding and utilization of these specimens, the Academy's Ichthyology Department conducted a unique survey of its most important specimens with radiography, or x-rays, with support from The National Science Foundation. Academy scientists were so taken by the beauty of the forms found in these x-rays that they decided to share some of them with the public in this exhibition.

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