California Academy of Sciences
Lectures, Programs and Courses
February 2004

The California Academy of Sciences is currently closed to the public in Golden Gate Park. The Academy will open in Spring 2004 at 875 Howard Street. A limited schedule of courses, programs and lectures will be offered. Check each listing for program locations. The Academy is growing anew in Golden Gate Park and will begin a rebuilding project late summer 2004. The Academy will return to Golden Gate Park in 2008.

Thursday, February 26
The Adaptable Hand-Axe and Human Origins
Richard Potts, Ph.D.
In 1942, Louis and Mary Leakey started scientific work at Olorgesailie, one of Africa's most renowned Acheulean hand-axe sites. Modern dating methods now make Olorgesailie the most precisely dated site in the world spanning the past 1 million years. Potts, the director of the Smithsonian's Human Origins Program, suggests that rather than exhibiting a prolonged period of unchanging human behavior prior to the origin of Homo sapiens, the hand-axe maker could adapt to dramatic environmental variability and colonized ecological communities throughout Africa. This California Academy of Sciences lecture will take place at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco at 8 pm. Tickets ($8) can be purchased by calling 415-750-7128 or at the door, when available.
JCC: 3200 California Street, San Francisco.

Sunday, February 8
California Delta Cruise
Search for raptors and other birds as you cruise aboard the Delphinus on the California Delta. Observe countless waterfowl, such as tundra swans, snow geese, sandhill cranes, and numerous ducks-all finishing their winter season in the delta before heading north. Boat departs from Antioch Marina. Instructed by captain/naturalist Ronn Patterson and naturalist David Wimpfheimer. Adult Field Trip, 8:30 am-5 pm; $100 to register call: 415-750-7100.

Saturday, February 14
Winter Birding at Pepperwood
Survey the winter birds of the oak woodlands, creeks, and grasslands at the Academy's Pepperwood Preserve in Santa Rosa. Learn to identify these birds by sight and call on this Valentine's Day hike of 3 miles. Instructed by Academy curatorial assistant Moe Flannery. Adult Field Trip, suitable for ages 15 and up, 8 am-noon, $30 to register call: 415-750-7100.

Sunday, February 15
Free Family Discovery Hike
Take a winter walk around Golden Gate Park to look for salamanders, frogs, millipedes, birds and more. Wear warm clothing in layers, walking shoes, and don't' forget your binoculars and water. Ages 8 and up. 10 am to Noon. No reservations required. Meet at the Academy back entrance at Middle Drive Rd. 415-750-7143. FREE. Rain cancels.

Saturday, February 21
Shollenberger Park
Discover a paradise for wintering birds in Petaluma's Shollenberger Park. Take in excellent views of the abundant birdlife on a walk along a flat, 2-mile perimeter path through this rich wetland. Instructed by birder Dan Murphy. Adult Field Trip, 8:30-11:30 am; $30 to register call: 415-750-7100.

Sunday, February 22
Mosses and Lichens on Mount Tamalpais
Take a leisurely walk along Cataract Creek, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, to explore the rich diversity of non-flowering plants. Instructed by Academy senior curatorial assistant Mona Bourell. Adult Field Trip, 10 am-2 pm; $30 To register for this adult field trip call 415-750-7100.

Saturday, February 28
Free Winter Birding
Search for birds in Golden Gate Park, and learn about what to look for or hear when identifying birds in the field. We'll look for Anna's hummingbirds, downy woodpeckers, ruby-crowned kinglets, pygmy nuthatches, red-shouldered hawks and more. Wear warm clothing in layers, walking shoes, and don't forget to bring your binoculars and water. Ages 8 and up. 9 to 11:30 am. No reservations required. Meet at the Academy back entrance at Middle Drive Rd. 415-750-7143. FREE. Rain cancels.

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