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New iPhone app reveals Golden Gate Park’s inhabitants & hidden gems
The California Academy of Sciences’ first iPhone app,
the Golden Gate Park Field Guide, launches November 9, 2010.

App home screenSAN FRANCISCO (November 8, 2010) —The California Academy of Sciences will launch its first-ever iPhone app, the Golden Gate Park Field Guide, on November 9, 2010, leveraging technology to help users explore the flora, fauna, and hidden gems of the 1,017-acre urban oasis. The park is home to an unparalleled blend of outdoor splendor, history, and culture, though its sheer size and labyrinthine roads and pathways make some of those treasures difficult to find. For the first time, the GGP Guide will bring together practical information and insights about the park’s attractions, which include renowned architectural landmarks, an array of plant and animal species, dozens of statues, gardens and lakes, museums, and numerous sports facilities.

Organized into four key sections, the app encourages observation from a naturalist’s point of view, and allows visitors to tailor their experience in Golden Gate Park based on personal interests, mode of transportation, and other factors. Its key features include:

  • Field Guide: A dynamic guide highlighting more than 170 of the park’s animal and plant species, including a few surprises like wild coyotes and blackberry bushes.
  • Park Map: An interactive map and live weather data offer valuable practical information, helping users plan ahead, locate off-the-beaten-path landmarks, and even find which of the park’s 60 attractions, 4 restaurants, or 15 public restrooms are closest to their location.
  • Adventures: Tour routes provide ideas to enrich any visit, whether travelling by foot, bicycle or car. Scavenger hunts help users discover native species, examples of camouflage in action, and more.
  • Sightings: “Citizen scientists” can add their own sightings and photos to the growing database, and help record the park’s biodiversity. Recent wildlife sightings are even reported in real-time via the app’s map feature.

The GGP Guide is currently available for free in the iTunes Store, and via The app was designed by Odopod and developed by SourceN for the California Academy of Sciences.
As a complement to this new iPhone application, the Academy has developed tailored itineraries for tourists that offer specific suggestions for couples, groups of friends, and families exploring Golden Gate Park. Please visit to review them.