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Selected Publications 
  • Schaller-Lopez, P. (1998). Significant behavioral interaction between a Reticulated giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata and a Southern white rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum simum. Animal Keepers¹ Forum 25(8):314 - 317.
  • Schaller-Lopez, P. (1999). Accounts of one successful and one unsuccessful African wild dog Lycaon pictus litter. Animal Keepers¹ Forum 26(8): 321-327.
  • Schaller, P. (2004). Observation of Whitetip reef shark Triaenodon obesus parturition in captivity. Drum and Croaker 35:13-17. Learn More »
  • Schaller, P. (2004). Observation of Whitetip reef shark Triaenodon obesus parturition in captivity ; reprinted in The Shark Supplement, Drum and Croaker Special Edition Number 2:92-96. Learn More »
  • Schaller, P. and Dunker, F. (2005). Use of contrast radiograph to determine trauma to the valvular intestine in the Blacktip reef shark Charcharhinus melanopterus. Drum and Croaker 36:23-28. Learn More »
  • Schaller, P. (2006). Sun Pen: A useful penguin exhibit addition. Drum and Croaker 37: 15-19. Learn More »
  • Schaller, P. (2006). Husbandry and reproduction of Whitetip reef sharks Triaenodon obesus at Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco. International Zoo Yearbook 40: 232-240. Learn More »
  • Schaller, P. (2009). Why and How to Make a Penguin Wetsuit. Drum and Croaker 40:17-25. Read paper »

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What drew you to science as a career? There is flexibility and excitement in science that stimulates me. I am constantly excited about observing new environments, new situations and new interactions. Science is a method for me to understand and explain what I am watching. It allows me to meet and work with people that have similar passion. I am always learning, teaching and writing. 

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